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☕️ cybersecurity student

Yahallo!! I am xohan30. I am a cybersecurity student/hacker/researcher/programmer. I am currently a freshman pursuing B.Tech degree in cybersecurity and forensics. I have always been fascinated towards the world of internet and hacking from a very young age. I used to go onto my computer and click some codes in that cmd terminal or just write some bat scripts in notepad to automate stuffs and oh god i really felt like a hacker. As i grew up i actually started to understand the methodology and mindset behind hacking and the working of systems. I got more focused in the field and i started working on my skills day and night and here i am now chasing my dream of becoming a talented hacker and give back towrds the community for everything they have tought me in life.

“they say that hacking is not a job or a profession but its an art or a way of living life”

Other Hobby : Watching Anime


⚠️ I dont do any magic with my keyboard


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